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Market Research – Do you know your strategic position in the marketplace? What differentiates you from the competition? Whatever it is that your management team needs to know in order to take your business to the next level, we can help.  Based on your information request, we will design and conduct a custom market research effort to deliver the information you seek.

Marketing Planning – Do you have a plan for how you are going to penetrate the marketplace and gain the new business you seek while retaining your existing business?  Once you are confident of your competitive position in the marketplace and have developed a strategic plan, we will work with you and your team to develop a tactical marketing plan that clearly defines the marketing and communication efforts required to bring your vision to reality.

Corporate Identity Development – What is your corporate image within the marketplace?  Does it mirror your goals and objectives? Do your customers see you the way you want them to see you? Many times in order to gain and/or strengthen a company’s position in the marketplace, it is necessary to re-brand their image or simply create a whole new identity.

Communications – How do you currently communicate with your customers and potential customers?  Is your staff an effective sales team?  Do you use advertising, direct mail, newsletters, public relations, Internet marketing or a combination of these media to accomplish your objectives?  Does your staff have the tools they need to effectively market your company?  Dovetail Marketing will help you develop a communications plan that creates the desired level of communication with your customers and maximizes your budget.

We also offer copywriting and graphic design services to assist you in implementing your strategy.

Database Development/Management – How many databases of customer information do you have in your company?  How are you using the information?  Can it be streamlined into a proactive marketing resource?  Dovetail Marketing will help you and your team discover how to streamline the processes that support your precious database of customer information so that you’ll have the information you need to implement each and every marketing campaign efficiently.  We also have extensive experience in streamlining key marketing information that is used over and over again for proposal efforts.  We would be glad to perform an assessment of your marketing systems to show you how you could be saving time and money utilizing the power of a marketing information database.

Strategic Proposal Development – What is your win rate?  ROI for every proposal submitted?  Would you like to get a better return?  Dovetail Marketing has helped numerous clients develop winning proposals in less time – increasing their win rate and their return on investment.  Send us a recent proposal for a complimentary analysis and critique.

Strategic Web Development, Design, and Hosting - Let our team help you better position your company and realize your full market potential. Dovetail Marketing can help you develop a new presence on the web or reengineer your existing web solution to maximize your exposure, project your corporate image, effectively communicate your areas of expertise in the marketplace, attract new clients, and maintain the loyalty of existing clients.

Whether you need a new and dynamic solution for your existing web presence or you are looking to establish your business online for the first time, we can get you up and running quickly.

Our hosted content management system will allow you to take control of your website and keep your new website fresh and current if you elect this option. Making changes are simple with our point and click system, and you can save a considerable amount of time and money by not having to rely on a web designer to maintain your website. Our hosting solution is ultra-secure and also provides you with unlimited support from our web specialists.


We have an established system that has been working for business owners for over 10 years. Free software upgrades and consistant  additions of unlimited features allow you to make your web presence the most effective it can be for you and your clients. Whether it is providing site translation into multiple languages to help you reach your multi-lingual market, built in search engine registration tools to put your site in leading search engines, or secured log in areas for your customers or employees, we deliver, allowing your web presence to grow with your business. Need an ecommerce solution with a customizable product catalog?  With our seamless web solution it is no problem and is included as one of our unlimited features.